About Frangi Pangi

Frangi Pangi is named for a brilliantly coloured tropical flower and the hosiery colours are named after spices from around the world embracing women of every culture and all the blends in-between.

Nude Hosiery, Designed for Women of Every Colour, By a Woman of Colour

Jocelyn Maminta, Founder and CEO

Over her distinguished 20-year broadcast career, Emmy Award-nominated medical reporter and contributor to News 8’s “Connecticut Style”, Jocelyn Maminta has anchored and reported for television stations in North Carolina, Milwaukee, Texas and Connecticut.

Jocelyn spent years chasing quality, and her true hosiery colour, only to be disappointed time and time again. 

Our Hosiery Principles

Frangi Pangi Hosiery is the solution, and was created on very simple principles…

100% Made in North Carolina:

From design to packaging, dyers to yarns, including all printing and, of course the product.

Great Looking

Ultra sheer bare leg look and a sheer toe make these luxury pantyhose look and feel great.  A truly comfortable control top completes the package.

Luxury Quality: No Run Guarantee

Frangi Pangi hosiery is soft and strong, easy to wear and not easy to tear.  Our consumers are guaranteed at least four wears out of the product without a run, or we will send a new pair. Our Return Policy

Affordable Prices

With our minimum four wear guarantee, you buy quality that lasts, not replaced after one wear.

Shades & Sizes for all women

The colours were developed through an exhaustive market analysis of women from Caucasians to light skin Latins and Asians to Filipinas and West Indians to all the wonderful shades of African Americans. We continue to develop colours and will also be offering designer and accessory colours as well.

Give Back to the Community

Jocelyn works tirelessly for many nonprofits. She serves on the boards of Friends of Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital and the Arts Council of Greater New Haven and is a member of the Junior League of Greater New Haven.  She is co-founder of Caroline’s Room, a safe haven for families coping with the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the birth of a premature baby. There are Caroline’s Rooms in Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Texas and Virginia.